Meet the team...

Rick Paynter

Senior Pastor

Rick is a founding pastor of the church, which he and his wife Marcy began in 1986 out of a passion to connect people with Jesus. At heart, Rick is a spiritual entrepreneur which has found expression through church planting and in developing social enterprises, like the Gateway Foundation, and The Gateway Children's Fund. His leadership also extends to his role as Chairman of Gateway Christian Churches (PNG). Rick is also passionate about his two children, Michael and Bethany, and is a lifetime supporter of the Collingwood Football Club.

Marcy Paynter

Worship & Creative Ministries Pastor

Marcy is a founding leader of the church, and an accomplished teacher and artist. As Worship and Creative Ministries Pastor, she has developed a thriving creative arts ministry that includes many musicians, singers, dancers, actors, artists and technicians. Marcy is also Director of Gateway Promotions theatre company, and enjoys movies, theatre, good food, coffee, and keeping fit. Her children, Michael and Bethany, have grown up in the church and now share in its ministry. Her passion is to see the Gospel of Christ communicated in creative ways, through stories of faith, hope and redemption.

Mark Ansell

Executive Pastor

Mark has been at Gateway since November 1986, with his wife Sally and 3 children. Over the years his exceptional leadership gifts have been a blessing to the church as an Elder, a Director of Discipleship, and now as an Executive Pastor, where he helps monitor and influence the spiritual wellbeing and development of the Gateway tribe. In the last seven years his AFL team has played in five Preliminary Finals and three Grand Finals without any reward, so he knows all about the outworking of the fruit of the spirit ... and revenge!

Sally Ansell

Pastoral Care Pastor

Sally and her husband Mark and their 3 chilldren began attending Gateway in November 1986. She joined the pastoral Team in 2002 as the Children's Pastor of the Sunday children's program and Playgroups. Her role now extends to include Pastoral Care. Sally has a degree in Christian Family Counselling and has a heart for families and those whose lives are broken. Life experiences have helped shape Sally's faith in the existence of God, who is her rock.

Frank Gere

New Generations Pastor

Frank and his wife Carol came to faith at Gateway in 1997. He joined the Pastoral Team in 2005 as New Generations Pastor after a background in business leadership. His vision is to empower young people to be all they are created to be, so they can change their world for God's Kingdom. Frank's role includes Youth, Young Adults, Camp No Fear, Life Program, Vada Cafe, Sunday SUPA Team, and is a Gateway Board Member. Frank has two daughters and a son, who are also part of the Gateway family.

Marg Perry

Training & Development Pastor

Marg, her husband Jim and their 3 girls became part of the Gateway family in 2000. She joined the Pastoral Team in 2003 as Pastor for Training and Development, after a professional career in teaching and training trainers.Her current role includes directing LIFE groups ministry, service teams, resource development, Sunday operations, and the ongoing development of the Gateway Life Training Institute. Marg is passionate about growing leaders, and has strengths in leadership, teaching and prophecy. She has taken up the Samuel 23:20 prophetic challenge of chasing lions!

Kiap Trakalowa

National Supervisor, Gateway Papua New Guinea

Kiap was born in Lumusa village in the highlands of PNG, and came to Port Moresby in 1990 with his wife and 4 children, to train as a pastor. After praying for courage, one day he simply walked into a slum and asked if they would like a church to start there, that was 1994. Today, Kiap's congregation numbers over 200 people and provides not only spiritual guidance, but food, medicine and education. With a motto of "Good News to the Poor", he has also planted four other churches. In 2001, his work was recognised by the PNG government as one of the most effective social programmes in Port Moresby.